Finger Doughnut Stacks (COLLECTION ONLY)               CALL 330330 TO ORDER 

Available in any colour!  Small Stack £18 includes 8 doughnuts and  Large Stack £24 includes 12 doughnuts, both presented on a cake board with a choc drizzle & message on top. Extras really help to make the stack personal- see list below. 1 day item, they will carry over to the following day if stored correctly. Extras:  Macarons £1, Dipped Strawberry £1, Sweets or Chocs £3, Happy Birthday Topper £2  * 2 colour stacks or stacks with a requested theme/extra decor (spiderman stack) £3 extra*



Custom Brownie or Blondie Slabs £34 – any flavour you would like! (COLLECTION ONLY)

This is our large slab (12 of our regular slices) and comes decorated with piped vanilla buttercream, chocolates and a small greeting- choose from ‘happy birthday’ ‘good luck’ ‘congratulations’ ‘oh baby’ ‘well done’ ‘love you’. Choose up to 2 fillings, most popular are – salted caramel & white chocolate, biscoff and white chocolate, raspberry & white chocolate, kinder & bueno, terrys choc orange, mint aero, galaxy ripple, mars bar, snickers.

Brownie/Blondie Minis Tray £30 (COLLECTION ONLY)

This is our large slab of brownie or blondie cut into 24 minis. Perfect for party/buffet tables or at a work event, meeting, etc to offer something small. Choose from any flavour, popular ones listed above in the custom brownie/blondie section. 



Cinnamon Bun (Tray of 8) £18

Our soft & fluffy cinnamon buns with an icing glaze. Made fresh in the morning, best enjoyed on the day! Available for collection from 10am or order in the shop section for afternoon delivery (see usual delivery ava